Trolls - Mekanikal Help

 I picked up the gobber tinker as soon as I found out about Raluk, the Ironmonger.  With a 'jack marshal in the army I would be needing someone to help repair the trolljacks  and war wagon.
 Also, this model is incredibly neat.  I play Infernal Contraption as much as I can, and this guy looks like he came straight out of that crazy game.  (If you haven't picked it up yet do so...now!)  The assembly was bit annoying since you have to balance it just right, and fit things just right, and fiddle with it a bit to make it all fit.  But once it is together it loves the paintbrush.
 Like with most mercenaries I paint, I diverted from the standard colour scheme a bit.  I kept the metallics and wood the same, which ties him in with the rest of the army combined with the base.  Sadly, Hoggle the tinker often gets killed before doing anything very useful, it's like nobody wants me to repair anything.....
Until next round, be well.
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