High Elves - Frost Lord

 At long last, the second frost phoenix is finished.  As promised, this one gets a rider.
 The little bit n the back is magnetized, allowing an easy switch between unmounted and with lord.  This one also got some extra on its base.
 Again; so many snowflakes!!
 I am nearing the foreseeable end of the high elves, just a dragon with two (very important) riders to go and than it might be off to new projects.

 My only complaint about this model is the throne, it looks like it would provide a lot of wind resistance.  If the phoenix were to take off, or preform any aerial manoeuvres, the lord would be blown backwards.  Maybe it is a magical throne or has really small holes in it or something...
 Either way, I painted the main seat to be wood.  At least it won't be too heavy.
 There is also a on foot version of the rider.  Basically the same model, but with a couple of little differences.  One can still identify the two even with the minor wardrobe alteration.
 Phew, that was a lot of pics for one post...
Until next round, be well.
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