Alfa Wing - A4 to Base

 I finished off the Alfa Wing's second valkyrie, designated Alfa 4.  Six more birds to go!
 While looking through the Imperial Armour books I noticed some things about Imperial Navy markings.  Firstly, not all of the markings are in the same places, things like aquillas and squadron numbers are, but not the others.  I also noticed that each plane in a squadron is usually given a colour which corresponds to its position in the squadron.
 These birds came in rough shape, this one was the second worse of the batch.  I recommend that the previous owner take some lessons regarding how to assemble a model.  I did what I could, and I think it is passable and table ready, but it has a few problems still.
 I just need to finish up those bases, and then it is on to another one!
Until next round, be well.
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