Cygnar - The First Step

 I recently got the Cygnar Battlegroup into my dirty hands.  I know, they aren't trolls or Cryxians, but I have a couple of really good reasons for starting up the boys (and girls) in blue.
 The first reason is that we have a new FLGS; Everything Games which is only a couple blocks from my home!  During a Warmachine night, we convinced them to start up a Journeyman League.  As you can see, I chose Cygnar.
 I have assembled a lot of starter boxes since 1994, and I am used to the single poses and flat sculpts with little or no motion.  Warmachine battle boxes come with the same models you buy separately, there is no loss of quality just for starting out.  They don't come with extra bits (which is not  PP thing) but the plastic sculpts are loaded with detail and movement.
 This is the Ironclad, the battlegroup's beatstick.  Like most of the warjacks, there is some room for posing (in the arms) and it fits together really well.
 I am usually an proponent of alternate colour schemes, it makes my army stand out while letting me play with colour combinations.  I chose green for these, with the blue and tan on the upper surfaces.  From the top (which is the angle they are usually seen) there is enough blue that they are easily recognized  as Cygnar.
 Every surface with a Cygnus (the swan symbol) was done blue as well, to reinforce the allegiance.
 At first I was unsure of how they would look, but I was undeterred.  Once they were finished and based I grew to like them fast.  It proves that it is worth it to hold off any judgement until the model is finished.  These guys almost got a bath in Simple Green, I'm glad I didn't.
 I've used them a few times, and I am slowly getting used to the play style (no first turn running?!?!?)  And I am enjoying every minute of it.  I am looking forward to the league progressing, learning a new army and facing new opponents, both of which will help me learn more about the game.
 Cygnar light 'jacks are completely different than bonejacks.  They are only marginally lesser than a heavy, and often armed with awesome weapons.  It is interesting to play a faction with decent technologies.
 The second reason for collecting a new faction is to build a "house army", thus the RHG stencils on the armour.  They will be for anyone to use and to defend RHG in any team-based tournaments.  This battlegroup specifically will be used for demo games as well.
 The box consists of 11pts, like most battlegroups.  Once I add all the mercenaries that will work for Cygnar I have 46pts!  I love mercenaries!!
 My third reason is slightly more exciting (well I am excited at least).  I have applied to become a Press Ganger and spread the good word of Warmachine.  This is my second battlegroup (the first is the Cryx box), you can't run demos with only one battlegroup!  The application is in, and I wait with baited breath...
 The warjacks got a "tabletop quality" paintjob, while Coleman received a character-grade job which is an extra layer of highligts.  He also got more blue, which really makes him stand out in the group (that and his red hair).
 In other news, I am creeping ever closer to becoming a full-time hobbyist.  The only bad part about that is my commission prices will have to go up on new projects, not by much, but enough to pay rent.  An update about that soon.
Until next round, be well.
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