Squirting Zombie Goodness

These fellows, who once used to hang out in graveyards looking for meat, have died and joined the Cryxian army. Once ghouls (from gw), they are now my bile thralls.
As nice as the pp sculpts are, there is only a couple poses and I don't dig the bloated waddling thing. Digging in the Box of Lost Sprue I chanced upon some ghouls, ten of them. I put them on privateer bases, cut off some hands, added some tube bits and *poof* bile thralls.
It wasn't until painting that I noticed they don't wear pants. Pants are overrated anyway...
The guy with the body (aka lunch) is the leader-guy, because he is easy to identify (and he is the only one drooling). I like these minis, they have that special "creepy".
Tactics-wise, and keep in mind I am a noob still, I think they would only work well against units. With a low pow on both the squirt and purge, there would not be much they could do to a heavy 'jack. They could melt a light 'jack (especially with Mortenebra's recalibration), and decimate a unit (twice with eAsphixious). The thought is, run them up with Corey (my corrupter) who is immune to corrosion, and send them unit-hunting. Well, we will see how it goes....
And with another bum-shot, until next round!
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