Sat 7 - Number Eighteen

Happy Saturday! Once again I have compiled seven posts from the last week that I thought were cool. Here they are:

-Kevin doesn't like his Vessel of Judgment, but I do!
-Maestro diorama from Massive Voodoo, crazyness...
-Jinn finished up his Samurai bust, it s awesome.
-A really good article on sculpting, from Massive Voodoo.
-More renegades from Rust and the City.
-SCW shows how to make a necron triarch stalker.
-A very cool Adeptus Mechanicus force over at White Scars.

What am I reading? Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds.
-Saturn's moon, Janus, decided to leave the system. It turns out that it is an alien artifact. Rockhopper, a corporate mining vessel, goes to take a look and is pulled along with it. There is some crazy political/mechanical stuff happening.

Until next round, be well.
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