More Liches!

Having more iron liches isn't a bad thing is it? I don't think so. These three are the Withershadow Combine, a trio of liches who graciously decided to help out the Cryxians. They bring some more tricks and sneaky bad stuff to the force, and I think they might be Asphixious' high-school buddies.
This is the brains of the operation, Maelevolus. He grants the trio Dark Industries, which is pretty nasty (if the Combine destroys a warjack it gets replaced with a shiny new Cryxian one).
I painted these three to a higher standard than most units, as they are a character unit. I am digging the very washed metal.
The whole Combine gets to roll an extra dice against 'jacks, which should help.
Another dead chick, woot! This one is Admonia.
Her power is to upkeep one spell for free, decent.
Book detail...

The third member of the Combine is Tremulus, the puppeteer. With Tremulus, I now have three puppet-spells for when I want to use my opponent's models.
At first I didn't like the puppet-skelly, but he has grown on me.

Until next round, be well.
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