The Minotaur Herd Grows

This is the second minotaur herd of the Host of Change. Some are new, others are old, and one has been primed forever and was covered in dust. Now, with new bases for some, they can go smash stuff together. What had happened was, when the new minotaurs came out I picked up a box and split the existing herd in two. The great weapon wielding herd got some paint, but these guys bullied the other models on the Shelf of Shame for months.
This is my Gorebull. Not only is he the shortest, but he has the most spikes and is the oldest sculpt of them all. He was painted for a while, but now he has a nice spot in the horde.
On the topic of Gorebulls, I really hate that word. Go ahead, say it out loud, Gorebull. It can make anyone sound like they just had a lobotomy. From now on we will just use a new word that doesn't sound dumb; like Slaughterbull for instance.
Yup, the Slaughterbull does not wear pants.
This fine fellow is the champion of the herd, the Bloodkine. (Maybe the other guy should be called a Gorekine? Nah, sounds like a pickle.)
There are some issues with the plastic bulls, and I am not a huge fan of them. The back humps are a little weird, I know that real bulls have them but it looks weird on them too. And what is wrong with hooves!? Minotaurs have hooves dammit! The gors have hooves, cloven hooves help make them evil, bring back the hooves!!
See, back hump and ankles.... -.- And the hair on their backs, it seems out of place...
Moving on, the flag-waiver.
Detail of the banner. Simple and beastly.
Giant back-hump, with a crack. Can you tell I did these guys up when I was sick?
When I add more bulls, they will be from other manufacturers....
This bull is armed with two hand weapons; fists.
This retired Blood Bowl player fits right in, and he has hooves!
..growing hair in strange places...
The Mordenhiem minotaur, has feet but makes up for it by using a bag'o'skulls as a weapon. Classy.
He has got a weird chest roll. Not sure about that, but he does have a blue face...on his belt. Seriously, Mordenheim minis has some weird stuff on them.
That is it for today, until next round!
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