Flesh Tearers - Death Company

The hoard of Flesh Tearers grows with more not-red marines, this time it is the Death Company.
There is a lot of black on these guys, but I think all that bling livens it up nicely. And hazard stripes (of course!)

Some of them are lucky enough to have glowy bits...
These chaps will be riding in a LR crusader, which is built and ready for primer. It will complete the forward edge of the sawblade with the other one. I am thinking of inverting the black/red so the black is forward (with the 'x' on the hatches). Thoughts?

The unpainted pile is rapidly shrinking, but there is more on the way! More terminators, jumping death co. and a couple of dreads, yay dreaddies!
Also, my thanks to Tristan for sending over such dynamically-posed marines!

Until next round!
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